This here is an archive of the following:

  • Posts I’ve published on other sites that are no longer live.
  • Unpublished posts from the backlog.
  • Some miscellaneous stuff, scripts, ephemera, etc.

I wanted a place to put them so they’d be searchable on the Internet, and available in case anybody had a particular interest in a certain subject. So see below (I’ll be continually updating), and enjoy:

#TheTruthIsOutThere Tweets John Podesta, Chairman Of Clinton Campaign
2016 Predictions, According To Psychics, Conspiracy Theorists, Aliens, and “Blade Runner”
Aaron Swartz’s Last Blog Post Was About “The Dark Knight”
Aleister Crowley’s House Destroyed In Fire
Alex Jones: “Nerds Are Evil”
Alleged Cruz Pastor Shooter Claims Alien Invasion
Bill Nye The Monsanto Guy
Can Anybody Spare $250,000 To Build A Machine Which Receives Messages From The Future?
Christian Woman Uses “God” To Send Tornado To Other Neighborhood
Conspiracy Theory: Is Sean Penn A CIA Operative?
Craigslist Post “Thanks” City For First Murder
David Bowie Is Dead, But “Lazarus” Lives On
“Euthanasia Rollercoaster” Is The Last, Most Thrilling Ride You’ll Ever Take
George Lucas’ Anakin Skywalker Moment
Hillary Clinton Says Aliens May Have Already Visited Us
Is Joel McHale Playing Alex Jones In The New X-Files Series?
Justice Scalia’s Body Found “Lying Peacefully,” With A Pillow Over His Head
Justice Scalia Spent Last Hours With Exclusive Secret Society
Keyser Söze For President
LizardPeopleMeet, the Dating Site For Reptilians
Love & Lotto
Man Claiming To Be Time-Traveler Crashes Car Through Two Businesses
Mystery Dead Man With Weapon Stash Believed To Be “Alien-Hybrid” Secret Agent
So Is This “9th Planet” Nibiru Or What?
The “Almost Real” World Of Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment
The Anti-Vax Girl
The CIA Opens Up Their “X-Files” Online
The Dolezal Gap
The Kanye Goes Crazy Archive
The “Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey” Theory
The Meaning Of Life, According To Artificial Intelligence
The Skype Monkeys Of Peter Gabriel
The Truth About Digital Privacy
The Year Of The Mask: Original Epilogue
Trump Teases 9/11
“Uber Shooter” Claims He Was “Possessed” By Uber App
We’ll Always Have Argo
Zika Archives