2016 Predictions, According To Psychics, Conspiracy Theorists, Aliens, and “Blade Runner”


Originally Published December 2015

While you might turn to mainstream trend-meisters at classy joints like Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and Forbes for your 2016 Predictions, that’s no fun! Let’s find out what the psychics, conspiracy theorists, alien channels, and that reliable source Pop-Culture Itself has to say about the year ahead.

David Icke


Back in 2009, conspiracy theorist and reptilian-hunter David Icke expressed the opinion that 2012 was a “smokescreen,” with 2016 being the real year things were gonna get funky:

“I think 2012 was a diversion, personally, and I think you’re going to find that exploited in Hollywood movies and other things. My feeling is that around 2016, life in this reality is going to transform.”

He further elaborated that 2016 was the year “the new world order will come crashing down.” Man, I hope that doesn’t interfere with San Diego Comic-Con and all those exclusive Star Wars figurines I want to buy.

Icke gets points for at least speaking out on this way in advance, rather than taking the easy route and jumping on the 2012 bandwagon. The former football player/sports announcer loses credibility, however, the way he usually does…the reptiles.

Baba Vanga


Next is blind Bulgaria-born prophetess Baba Vanga, who has a huge following in Europe and Russia. Though she died in 1996, she left behind prophecies through 3797 (at which point, according to her, “everything on Earth will die.”), and is known as the “Nostradamus from the Balkans.” Among her predictive “hits” are supposedly 9/11, the 2004 Tsunami, and the election of President Barack Obama.

The big news she had for 2016, which is widely cited all over Europe & Russia, is that “Muslims” will invade Europe, which will “cease to exist” as we know it. Amidst already high tensions in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis and the terrorist bombings in France—and Donald Trump being allowed to use Twitter—is this “prediction” just another bit of propaganda used to stoke tensions?

What should be remembered here is that, just as during antiquity, the “prophecies” of one seer or another can have tremendous political capital, as well as an impact on the public who hears it…and that for all of our technological and intellectual advances, we are also not that much different than those from the time of Nostradamus.

Darryl Anka/Bashar


Noted channeler Darryl Anka had his Bashar “alien transmission” hijacked by three entities named Epsylon, Epiphany and Eclipse—and they indicated that 2016 is the year in which “everything will change”:

“In your year of 2016 it will be 33 of your years, a transformational point in the fall of your year of 2016 prior to your country’s new coming election EVERYTHING will change!

Attention, Attention, Attention!

This transmission will be given 3 times over the course of this event. In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change! You are crossing a threshold that you have been preparing for many thousands of years. We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your collective consciousness, for we relate to you as a collective consciousness and read in your collective consciousness this upcoming change of great transformation. In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change! You have 2 ½ years to express yourself in the way that is most in alignment with your being, for after that threshold EVERYTHING will change.

Attention, Attention, Attention!”

Miscellaneous Predictions


A quick search for other 2016 prophecies yields one NASA scientist’s prediction of a magnetic pole shift, the “Rapture-tastic” book “Zenith 2016” by Thomas Horn, a bunch of stuff predicting there will be no U.S. presidential election this year (Baba Vanga did say that the 44th president would be “the last”), and the predictions of one “famed celebrity psychic medium Thomas John” (who “sees” a Beyonce/Jay Z breakup & goes so far as to predict the actual deaths of famous people including Hillary Clinton).

2016 As Predicted By Pop-Culture


If we head on to the world of fiction and pop-culture, we get these events for the year:
  • in Ghostbusters II, 2016 is the date given by a psychic for when the world is going to end
  • the main replicants in Blade Runner are activated in 2016
  • in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, 2016 brings the completion of the Human Instrumentality Project, which triggers off the “Third Impact”—with all humans merging into one being
  • the FlashForward episode “The Garden of Forking Paths, the date December 12, 2016 is labelled on a chalkboard as “The End.”

OK everyone, let’s all meet back here at the end of 2016 to see how wrong everything was & how psychics don’t exist and people be crazy and the future can’t be predicted and aren’t we smart!