The Skype Monkeys Of Peter Gabriel


…perhaps the most amazing tool that man’s created is the Internet, and what would happen if we could somehow find new interfaces, visual-audio interfaces that would allow these remarkable sentient beings that we share the planet with access?
Peter Gabriel

Originally published December 2015

Why should humans be the only creatures on Earth to enjoy the Internet? That’s the reasoning behind the Interspecies Internet project, which is keen to empower apes, dolphins, elephants, and other animals to use the Internet for communication.

And to that end, Interspecies Internet member Peter Gabriel—a longtime supporter of animal rights who was also involved in a pioneering music collaboration with Bonobo apesis running an experiment at rescue-center Monkey World that will enable chimpanzees to use videoconferencing to communicate with each other.

It won’t be the first time primates have used hi-tech devices in experiments. For instance, there is the “Apps for Apes” program at the Smithsonian Zoo, which works with orangutans to use iPads. But the Monkey World project will be unique in terms of the accent on primate-to-primate communication via the Internet.

I’m sure once animals such as chimps, orangutans, and others have a forum between themselves to talk about us humans, they’ll have nothing but wonderful things to say about us. Primate Reddit, anyone?