The Year Of The Mask: Original Epilogue


Originally Published February 2016

There was so much more I wanted to include here in this series…but I think this is a good place to cap it.

When I think back on what is known as the phenomenon called “Geek Culture,” it immediately brings to mind the first several words of poet Allen Ginsburg’s Howl:

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…

Geek Culture, despite what some might have you believe, is dead now—it died several years ago, when the disparate and sometimes greatly contentious threads that animated it underwent a sea change into contemporary mainstream ideology and politics.

Along with it went its unlikely twitchy twin: Conspiracy Culture. There really isn’t a “conspiracy underground” anymore, except in the deepest and most obscure crevices of the Internet landscape—there is just populism and discontent of the masses.


What made these two subcultures bearable, at least to someone like me, was irony. But there isn’t any irony left. We are not, as a society, capable of it anymore.

I believe we are at the Crossroads—as a nation, as a planet, and as a species. That’s why there isn’t any irony left to spare at this juncture, any fucks left to give.

We are at a massive, crucial Crossroads and we know it, at least on a subconscious level. The pop-culture knows it, too—possibly better than we do. The movies, the comic books, the TV programs, the video games, the music.


A lot is at stake. And you can fall along the battle-lines, following Bat-Fascist or Super-Jesus, as our (Marvel Studios presents) “Civil War” begins.

Or maybe you can take a Third Path. And maybe I’ll see you there.